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What Kind of Law Firm
We Are

We are a full service international law firm that provides its clients with sophisticated legal services from our well situated offices around the world, through a team of experienced and talented lawyers.

We care more about the content and function rather than the volume of our work.

We don't start the chronometer for a five-minute call with a client. We are not obsessed with chargeable hours. Our only obsession is providing our clients with tailored legal services in a timely manner through our team of qualified lawyers.      


20+ Years

BATI Lawyers are advising local and international businesses, startups, venture capital funds, associations, foundations and trusts along with real persons.

We are able to answer questions of our clients such as; How to protect personal data?, How to protect intellectual property?, How to buy or lease an aircraft?, How to hire or fire an employee?, How to establish an association? How to start or close up a business?, How to design in-company trainings?, How to receive an investment or vice versa?, How to establish an investment fund or a VC?, How to be compliant with local and international laws?, How to operate a business in a highly regulated industry? with our transferable expertise.


The Clients We Serve

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