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Who Are We ?: About

Who We Are

BATI is a full-service law firm that is founded by lawyers who are highly experienced in various aspects of law and who have assisted a broad range of clients in numerous complex cases prior to coming together and establishing BATI in 1999.

BATI aims to render the highest quality legal services from its headquarters which is well-situated in one of the main business districts of Istanbul as well as through its associated offices in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Sakarya.

BATI has also established strategic alliances with many overseas law firms in various countries such as Germany, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, Belgium, USA, and the UK in order to be able to assist its clients at an international level and with a global perspective. Over the years, the firm has acquired a broad client portfolio composed of mainly European, North American, Asian and Turkish corporations and individuals of various sectors by rendering a wide range of legal services. 

Our success lies not only in serving our clients in an effective manner but also in understanding their cases and their aspirations.


Solution is our main focus.

Our Team

The Team

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