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Commercial Transactions and Contracts

Investment Negotiations

Term Sheets and Memorandums

Constitutions of Partnerships, SPAs and SHAs

Co-marketing, Co-promotion, Co-commercialization Agreements

Licensing, Agency, Ditributorship, Technology Transfer Agreements

Data Privacy and Protection Protocols, Data Processing Agreements
Toll Manufacturing, Joint Research, Collaboration and Development Schemes

Any Kind of Related Dispute Resolution Services

Arbitration Proceedings

Mediation and Negotiations

Complex Commercial Litigation​


Handling of All Kind of Corporate Governance Matters

Company Re-organizations and Re-structuring

Incorporation of Domestic and Foreign Capital Companies

Capital Increase and Decrease, Share Transfers, Investments or Exits

Attainment of Requisite Permits and Related Public Engagement Process

Drawing up and Amendment of the Articles of Associations, General Assembly Meetings


Establishment of Employer and Employee Relations

Procurement of Workplace Regulations

Drafting Labor and Service Agreements

Consultancy for Proper Application of Labor Law Procedures

Termination, Compensation, Mutual Rescission, Non-Competition Issues


Any Kind of Related Litigation Services

Complex Commercial Litigation

Labor Litigation and Mediation


Data Privacy and Protection Compliance Projects

Preparation of Personal Data Inventory

Drafting Website Privacy and Cookie Policies

One-on-one Interviews with Key Contacts of Client

Drafting Data Processing Protocols and Data Processing Agreements

Drafting Template Submission Forms for Vehicles, Phones and Laptops

Examination of the Interaction between Work/Data Flows and IT Structure

Examination of the IT Architecture, Main Components and Technologies in Use

Drafting Privacy Notices and Consent Forms for Employees, Consumers, Suppliers, HCPs

Drafting Personal Data Processing, Retention, Destruction and Incident Response Policies
Constant Monitoring and Ensuring Continuity of the Compliance with Everchanging Legislations


Regulatory Consulting, Representation and Investigation Services

Establishing Regulatory Policies, Standard Operation Procedures and Position Papers

Deep-scaled Expertise in IT, Energy, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance, Insurance, E-Commerce and Aviation Sectors

Public Engagement Services

Relations with Governmental, Non-Governmental Organisations and Peers


Regulatory Compliance

Public Procurement Regulations, Tender Processes

Observational Studies, Promotional Activities and Ethical Rules

Compliance with Relevant European Legislations Applicable in Turkey

Compliance Industry-Specific Regulations along with Administrative Decisions

Clinical Trials, Marketing Authorization Procedures, Pricing and Reimbursement Regulations


Debt Recovery and Collection Operations

Rehabilitation of Entities Encumbered with Debt

Bankruptcy, Concordatum, Administration of Bankrupt’s Estate

Tax and Financial Consultancy Services

Tax Dispute Resolution Services

Initial Public and Coin Offerings 

Tax Incentive-Exemption-Exception Applications

Planning, Structuring, Transfer Pricing and Hidden Capital


Registration and Protection of IP Rights

Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models, Copyrights, Domains Names

Any Kind of Related Litigation Services

Criminal IP Litigation

Civil IP Litigation

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